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Our projects

Through each project, we merge the desire to take care of the environment with the opportunity to grow as a company in the modern world.

But working with renewable resources from the rainforest remains a challenge.

Quality, stability and supply regularity are important requirements we consider when establishing supply chain models in the Amazon, within the limits of what Mother Nature offers. 

We pride ourselves on successful outcomes with business partners and advancing the progress of environmental sustainability with the global market.

We devote ourselves to be a positive force connecting Nature and human kind in harmony.

We are currently at work on 4 projects that involve thousands of people from traditional communities in the Amazon Forest:

• Fruits –  the source of juices, pulps, powders and more. Fruits include acaí, acerola, bacaba, cupuaçú, taperebá, tucumã, uxi and patauá, among others.

• Seed oils – the Amazon provides some of the most amazing seeds and fruits that yield rich oils, such as: acai, andiroba, buriti, copaíba, ucuúba and muru-muru. After the fruits are wild-harvested by local communities, extracting the oil requires expertise and good forest logistics.

• Bio-jewelry – forest products developed by local communities. 100% amazonia acts in this industry giving instruction, consultation and logistics and export support to small artisans. We also help in developing collection strategies and source new materials from the whole amazon region.

• Biomass – we are working on a feasibility study for the installation of a drying facility for açaí residues to be used as alternative fuels.